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NEW: Blank Slate - An Oracle Card Deck for Difficult Times ©



Blank Slate message-based oracle cards can help support your journey to recovery after the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a career, or other difficult situations. Features 410 gsm Ultra premium smooth card stock.

Authentic Hidden Truth
Oracle ® 



Do you have messages waiting for you from your Divine Masculine, your Divine Feminine, a former love, your own higher self, their higher self, or simply the one who got away?

This deck unlocks them. Ask and you’ll receive The Hidden Truth.

Previous version overstock - The Hidden Truth Oracle Cards



Save $$$ and still get an authentic Hidden Truth deck. We changed designs in the past few years and have a lot of brand-new overstock decks.

The Hidden Truth, v2 ©
Oracle Cards



A companion to our bestselling original, The Hidden Truth, v2 © has 54 brand-new messages to bring even more depth and clarity to your connection. V2 focuses on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies and works for any type of relationship.

In the Shadows ©
Oracle Cards



 In the Shadows ©, our bestselling shadow oracle gets raw and real as it delves into the hidden aspects of your soul connection. These messages can help shed light and provide deep insights if there’s something you need to know about your person.

Messages of Love ©
Oracle Cards



The 54-card Messages of Love, our bestselling candid romance oracle deck, answers your questions about love, sex, twin flames, soulmates, past-life connections, and much more. This deck is designed for any type of relationship, as are all of our decks.

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